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The Importance of a Neutral Color Palette

By: Sabrina Watson

I get it. I really do. It’s your house. You picked the paint colors that appealed to you. I do it, too. Right now, my home office is a deep burgundy and my laundry room is “Turquoise Mist.” When we live in a space, we want to personalize it and make it our own, so it is easy to see why some homeowners & Realtors are immediately at odds on paint colors. Many agents will come into a listing appointment and immediately add “neutralize” and “De-clutter” to your Seller To-Do List. It can be frustrating, but it will generally help you sell your home with fewer days on market.

Neutralizing paint colors will help potential buyers be able to better visualize their furniture and furnishings in the space. Neutral colors go a long way in the “visualizing yourself living here” technique that many buyers utilize when shopping for a new home. De-clutter has a similar benefit. Removing clutter and items that you don’t need or use regularly makes rooms feel larger and more open. Space & openness are two important features many buyers look for in today’s homes.

Taking care of these minor issues on the front end of listing can help you realize your homes full value at the closing table.