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Buying Options for Fair to Good Rated Credit Scores

Buyers have more financing options than they realize. With many federally backed programs focused on
increasing home ownership, loan programs have found new & creative ways to work with buyers across
all spectrums of credit.

Lease to own programs have gained popularity in the last two years as many buyers are still working to
rebuild their credit and scores after the real estate bubble busted in 2008. Loan programs on the market
right now can work with buyers who have lower credit scores as long as they have no active
bankruptcies, short sales, or foreclosures. Many options also allow a very low down payment.

In some areas, rural development loans are a great option for buyers with little to no money to put
down. Several counties also have programs that are targeted to teachers, firefighters, police officers,
and other public servants.

Why wait to buy later, when you might be able to buy now? It’s totally worth having a conversation with
a licensed REALTOR and a qualified Loan Officer to see what options are available to you. Darlene Dunn
knows the ins & outs of what programs might be a great fit for you. Contact her today and let her bring
you up to date on what your options are. She can provide you with valuable information and get you in
touch with some Loan Officers that can get you on the path to your new home. You work on getting
qualified and she will work on finding your dream home.


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